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Shaped Seed Beads

Lots of fun and unique seed bead shapes from Japan and the Czech Republic.
We try to carry as varied of a selection as possible to give you more
design options.

.Button Beads

.Button Beads 4mm Button Beads

.Chilli Beads

.Chilli Beads All 2-Hole Chilli Beads

.CzechMates 2 Hole Beads

.CzechMates 2 Hole Beads 2-Hole 6mm Lentils
2-Hole Brick Beads
2-Hole Tile Beads
2-Hole Triangles

.Diamond Duos

.Diamond Duos Show All Diamond Duos

.Dragon Scales

.Dragon Scales Show All Dragon Scales

.HoneyComb Beads

.HoneyComb Beads All 2-Hole HoneyComb Beads


.MiniDuos Show All MiniDuos!

.Pellet Beads

.Pellet Beads Show All Pellet Beads

.PiP Beads

.PiP Beads Show All PiP Beads

.Super Duo Beads Over 290 Colors!

.Super Duo Beads   Over 290 Colors! Close-out Superduos
New Super Duo Beads!
Show All Super Duo Beads

.Tulip Petals

.Tulip Petals Show All Tulip Petals

2x4 Peanut Beads

2x4 Peanut Beads Show All Peanut Beads

Bugle Beads

Bugle Beads 6mm Spiral Bugles
Size 1 Bugle


Cubes 1.8mm Cubes
3mm Cubes
4mm Cubes

Drop Beads

Drop Beads 3x4mm Drops
Miyuki Long Drops
NEW 3x4 Drop Beads

Hex Beads

Hex Beads Show All Size 8 Hex


Magatama 3mm Magatama
4x7 Magatama


O-Beads Show All O-Beads

Rizo Beads

Rizo Beads Show All Rizo Beads

Rulla Beads

Rulla Beads Show All Rulla Beads

Tila Beads

Tila Beads Show All Half Tilas
Show All Tila Beads


Triangles New Size 11 Triangles
Size 11 Triangles
Size 8 Triangles


ZoliDuo Show All ZoliDuos
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