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Free Beadwork Tutorial
Red White & Blue Stars


Here are some simple little stars you can bead using any size seed bead. Make several and dangle them from an earwire, or a ribbon, or string them together to form a bracelet. Lots of possibilities.
This project was designed and the tutorial was created by our daughter Sara when she was 13.

What you'll need:
Seed Beads
Size 12 beading needle
Size B Nymo thread

Step 1) String 15 seed beads into a circle. Pass back thru a couple of the beads.
Step 2) String on 5 beads and then pass back thru the 4th bead. (you are skipping over the last bead and anchoring it)
Step 3) String on 4 beads and skipping over 2 beads in the center circle, pass your needle thru the 3rd bead.
Step 4) Repeat all the way around the circle, skipping 2 beads each time you make a point of the star.
Here is an earring with the stars hanging a different lengths.


Copyright 2001 by Sara Haley


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