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Free Beading Tutorial
Whimbeads - How to bead a Rivoli

 How to create a Peyote Bezel
around a Rivoli

Required Supplies:

Size 15 seed beads
Swarovski Rivoli
Size 12 beading needles
Fireline or Beading thread of choice

Optional supplies:
Accent beads to embellish

Thread a needle with a comfortable length of thread. Approx. 2 feet. Wax if needed.

String on enough Delica beads to comfortably go around your stone, keeping to an even number. In this sample I used a 16mm Rivoli and needed 40 Delicas.

Join into a circle by tying a single overhand knot to secure. Then pass through the next two beads.

Begin to Peyote by picking up one Delica bead, skip over one bead, and pass through the next bead.
Again, pick up a Delica bead, skip over one bead, pass through the next bead.
Continue to Peyote around until you have come to the end of the row. You'll need to "Step Up" to advance to the next row. Just pass through the bead you need to Peyote into, then, without picking up another bead, pass into the very next bead. It is the first bead you added when you started this row.
Peyote another row of Delicas.
Don't forget to "Step up" at the end of the row!
Pull the beadwork snug to form a tube.
Double check to make sure your Rivoli still fits properly.
Now begin to cinch the Peyote tube down by doing a row of Peyote with size 15 seed beads.

Sometimes it's easier to Peyote over something. In this case, I've used my finger.

Don't forget to "Step up". This time you'll Peyote into a Delica and then step up into the first size 15 bead you added for this row.

Pull the beadwork snug as you work and you'll see the tube begin to cinch.

Add another row of size 15 seed beads. I culled through my pile of 15's using the thinnest ones I could find to help cinch this row even tighter.

Fit your Rivoli into this tube, with the cinched side on the back. Weave through the beads until you are exiting out of a Delica on the opposite side of the tube and do another row of Peyote with the size 15 seed beads. Remember to pull snug so the tube cinches down.

This time it will encase your Rivoli.

Do another row of Peyote. You can alter colors, or use an even smaller size seed bead if you'd like.

That's it! You've bezeled a Rivoli!

Now you can embellish the edge of your Peyote bezel if you'd like.
I made 3 bead picots here along the top edge of Delicas.
Or you can add fancy beads along the edge.
Or crystals!

This style has been made popular by Laura McCabe.
She has recently published a fabulous book with variations on bezeling around stones. Check it out!

You can add a row of picots in front of your row of crystals.

Let your imagination run free!

Have fun bezeling everything that doesn't move!

This tutorial, all images and text are Copyright ©, 2008 Beki Haley
Please be respectful and link to this page if you'd like to share.

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