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Lotus Blossom Free Tutorial Crystal Lotus Blossom Tutorial

Crystal Lotus Blossoms

Make a pair for earrings, or make several and join them together for bracelets or necklaces! Have fun finding ways to use these sweet little Crystal Lotus Blossoms!


SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 1028 - 8mm Chaton

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 5810 - 4mm Crystal Pearls
(7 pieces for each blossom)

Size 15 Japanese Seed Beads
(2 colors)
Miyuki Delica Beads
(1 color)

1G Thread or other strong beading thread like Wildfire

Beading Needles

Project Tips
~ The edges of the crystal pearl holes can be sharp. Always make sure you have a buffer seed bead next to them. And always pull your thread straight up out of the bead. Never drag the thread across the edge of the bead hole.
~ Keep your tension fairly tight for this project.
~ The graphics show the beads spaced apart for clarity. You should pull your beads snugly next to each other.
~ The graphics may not always show the exact bead count. Please read the instructions for exact bead count information.

Let's bead!

~ The Netted Bezel ~

1) String on fourteen Delica beads. Form into a circle by passing back through all of the beads again. Then pass back through an additional 3 or 4 beads.

2) Pick up three Delica beads, skip over one bead in the base circle and pass through the following bead. This should create a little picot net.

3) Repeat step 2 all the way around the base circle of Delica beads. Pull snug so the picot nets sit right on the base row.

4) After you've added the last picot net you will need to "step up" to begin the next row.

Just pass your thread through the first two beads in the next picot net over. This will be the first picot net you created.

5) Add a second row of netted Delica beads. Three beads per stitch.

6) Don't forget to step up at the end of the row!

7) Add a row of netting using one of the colors of size 15 seed beads.

As you snug these beads closely next to each other this row will cinch in towards the middle of the beadwork. This is exactly what you need it to do!

Step up at the end of the row.

8) Set your SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Chaton into the middle of your bezel, sliding it under the last row of size 15's.

The final row will be a single size 15 in the alternate color. Just add one between each netted picot point of the last row.

Pull very snugly to cinch the bezel closed. Sometimes passing through this final row a second time can be helpful keeping the beads in place.

~ The Petals ~

9) Position your thread so that it is exiting out of the center Delica in the first row of netted picots you created.

String on one size 15, one SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4mm pearl & one size 15. Pass through the next center Delica in the first row of netted picot points.

Continue around the bezel adding 7 of these sets of beads.

10) Position your thread so that it is exiting out of the first size 15 seed bead from step 9.

String on two size 15 in the main color, one 15 alternate color, three size 15 main color, one 15 alternate color & two size 15 main color. Pass back through the size 15 on the other side of the pearl.

Then pass through the size 15 in the next set of beads over.
Repeat around the bezel six more times.

11) Position your thread so that it is exiting out of one of the size 15 alternate color beads from the previous row.

Pick up four size 15 in the alternate color. Skipping over the last bead added, pass back through the next bead. Pull snug.

12) Pick up two size 15 beads in the alternate color and pass back through the second size 15 seed bead as shown in the diagram.

13) Pick up one size 15 alternate color, one size 15 main color & one size 15 alternate color. Pass through the alternate color size 15 in the next set of beads spanning over the pearl.

Repeat steps 12 & 13 all the way around the bezel.

~ If you'd like to make them into earrings ~

With your thread exiting out of the last bead in one of the sections that spans between the pearls, pick up size 15 beads and forming a circle pass back through the first bead in this set. Pass through all of these beads again for strength.

Add your earwire to this loop.

Create another earring the same as the first.

That's it! You're done! Nice job!

This tutorial, all images and text are Copyright 2011 Beki Haley
Please be respectful and link to this page if you'd like to share.

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