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Fringe Bracelet Tutorial

Fringe Bracelet


Size 8 Seed Bead in a coordinating color with your mix (core bead)
Size 11 Seed Bead Mix (I used Rose Garden) (or you could use 5 or more coordinating colors of size 11 seed beads)
Assorted 4mm Swarovski to match your mix.
Toggle Clasp
2 Beadtips (not yet on the website, but let us know and we'll toss a couple in for you)
Size 12 Beading Needles
.006 Wildfire Beading Thread

Start your project by threading your needle with a comfortable length of thread. I use about 2 wingspans. You will use a lot of thread for this project, so be prepared to tie off and tie on new thread.

If you will not be using any crystals in your fringe, you can make this bracelet with Nymo instead of the Wildfire.

Tie a knot around a single seedbead. Thread through the open end of a beadtip so that your single bead is seated inside the cup of the beadtip.

String on enough size 8 seedbeads to fit comfortably around your wrist. Remember to leave approx. 1" for the clasp. If you like your bracelets to hang low over your hand, have the size 8 seedbeads meet evenly.
String into another beadtip, this time coming in from the domed end. String on a single seedbead, skip over this bead, string back through the beadtip and into about 3 or 4 size 8 beads. Pull everything snug but not too tight!

Now begin creating your fringes. There are many types you can create, not limited to the ones diagramed here. Use your imagination! You never know what you'll come up with!
I generally do a single style of fringe for each "pass", but feel free to
mix it up if you'd like!
Simple Branch Fringe

Coming out of the base row of size 8 seedbeads, string on 12 or so size 11 seedbeads. The more you string on, the longer your fringe will be. Skip over the last bead and pass back through about 4 or 5 seedbeads, string on another 4 or 5 seedbeads, skip over the last bead, string back trhough all of the beads heading back towards the base row and into the adjoining size 8 bead. Hold onto a bead at the tip and pull your thread snug. Pass through a few of the size 8 beads and add another branch fringe.

Leaf Fringe

Coming out of the base row of size 8 beads, string on about 10 size 11 beads. Skip over the last bead, thread into the second to last bead, then string on another 6 seedbeads. Pass back through the last two seedbeads and into the base row of size 8 beads. Hold the tip of the leaf and pull the beads snug up to the base

Accent Bead Fringe 1

Coming out of the base row of size 8 beads, string on approximately 8 to 10 size 11 seedbeads, 1 accent bead and 1 more size 11 seedbead. Pass back through all of the size 11 seedbeads and back into the base row of size 8 beads. Hold onto the accent bead and pull your thread snugly to the base row.

Accent Bead Fringe 2

Coming out of the base row of size 8 beads, string on approximately 8 to 10 size 11 seed beads, 1 accent bead and 3 more size 11 seedbeads. Skipping the last 3 seedbeads, pass back through the accent bead and the remaining size 11 seedbeads into the base row of size 8 beads. Hold onto the picot of 3 size 11 seedbeads and pull your work snugly to the base row.

Loopy Fringe

Coming out of the base row of size 8 beads, string on 20 or more size 11 seed beads. Skipping over 1 size 8 bead in the base row, string into the next size 8 bead. Move over a couple of beads an d continue along the base row adding more loopy fringe!

Finishing off!

You're almost done! The more fringes you add the plusher your bracelet will be. It'll also be a little harder to get into the base row of size 8 beads. Be patient!

You can experiment with colors or accent bead placement to create an entire new look!

When you are done adding fringes, tie your thread off by making single overhand knots every few beads. 3 or 4 should be fine. This is also how you would end/add a new thread.


Congratulations! You're done!

This tutorial, all images and text are Copyright © 2008 Beki Haley
Please be respectful and link to this page if you'd like to share.

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