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Free Whimbeads Tutorial

Flat Undulating Herringbone
Also called Ndebele


Supplies to make the colorway above. But there are endless color combos!

1A - SQ18-F463K

1B - SQ18-311

2A - T15-318J

3A - T11-361

4A - SQ4-F460R

Clasp - MGC6-GP

Size 12 Beading Needles
.006 Wildfire Beading Thread or Nymo B

Project notes:

This bracelet is made up of 15 row sections.
Not all rows are shown in the instructions.

Don't work too tightly!
You'll need the beads to move over when you add the increases.

The graphics show the beads spaced out for clarity. Your beads should sit right next to each other.

Start your project by threading your needle with a comfortable length of thread. I use about 2 wingspans.

You'll begin by making a ladder stitch base 8 beads wide and 2 beads tall.
String on four of 1A (1.8mm Cube). Join together by passing up through the bottom of two of these beads, letting the remaining two beads sit right next to them. Then pass down through the top of the second set of two beads.

Pick up two more 1A. Pass down through the top of the previous two beads, then back up through the bottom of the two you just added.
Repeat adding two 1A's until you have a row of eight.

Now you will begin the Herringbone. Pick up one 1B (alternate color of 1.8mm cube) and one 1A. Pass back down through the next set of beads over and then back up through the next two beads.

Now pick up one 1A and one 1B. Pass down through the next set of beads over and then back up through the next two beads. Repeat two more times following the pattern below but instead of passing down through both beads at the end of the ladder stitch base, just pass down through one of them.

There are several options for making a turn at the edge of Flat Herringbone. For this bracelet I like the look of the little size 15 seed bead along the edge. With your thread exiting from between the last two 1A's, pick up one 2A (size 15) and pass back up through the 1A from the ladder stitch base and the 1B from your last Herringbone stitch.

Continue the Herringbone stitch following the pattern to the opposite end.

Make another turn using one 2A.

After you have two sets of Herringbone you will begin the first increase. With your thread exiting out of the bottom of the 1B cube in the second row, pick up one 3A (size 11) and then pass back up through the bottom of the next 1B over. Continue to Herringbone stitch to the end of this row.

Make the turn using the 2A. Add two more sets of Herringbone, then increase by adding two 3A's.
Continue to Herringbone to the edge, make your turn, Herringbone another row, this time adding three 3A's for the increase. Herringbone to the edge and make your turn.

Herringbone two more sets of small cubes. Increase by adding one 4A (4mm Cube).

Herringbone to the end of the row, make your turn, add two more sets of Herringbone. On this row, just pass through the hole of the 4mm cube again.

Herringbone to the end of the row, make your turn, add one more set of Herringbone, than begin another increase with one 3A.

Add one more set of Herringbone, than begin the decrease over the top of the 4mm cube by adding three 3A's.

Herringbone to the end of the row, adding one 3A between the last two sets. Make your turn to begin the next row.

Follow this pattern to your desired length. If you use the same clasps as I did, allow approximately 1/2".

To end with two rows of ladder stitch to match up with the opposite end of the bracelet, string on four 1A's.
Pass back up through the bottom of the first two 1A's added causing the two sets to sit side by side.

Then pass back down through the second set of 1A's and into the 1A directly below them. Then back out through the next 1A over.

Pick up two 1A's, and pass back down through the previous set, back into the base of the beadwork, back up through the 1A adjacent and the two 1A's you just added. This puts you in position to add the next set of 1A's. Continue along the edge of the beadwork adding two 1A's for each set until you reach the end. You should have 8 sets when you've finished.

Now you will attach your clasp. I've used a simple magnetic clasp. Position your thread so that it is exiting between the 2nd and 3rd set of 1A's you just added. String on four 2A's, your clasp and four more 2A's. Pass under the thread running between the 2nd and 3rd sets. Pass back through this thread path as many times as possible. The entire weight of your bracelet rests on the clasp. The stronger you can make it the more durable your bracelet will be.

Add a second magnetic clasp where the arrow points to.

Wear your new bracelet proudly! You did a fantastic job!

This tutorial, all images and text are Copyright © 2009 Beki Haley
Please be respectful and link to this page if you'd like to share.

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