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TILA Wheels Tutorial

TILA Wheels


12 - 15 Grams MIYUKI® TILA™ Beads
16 SWAROVSKI ELEMENT 3700- 6mm Margaritas
1 gram Size 11° Seed Beads
1 gram Size 15° Seed Beads

Strong Beading Thread
Beading Needles

Thread your needle with a comfortable working length of thread. I use about 1 ½ wingspans. If your thread begins to shed or fray, stop using it! Tie off and start a new piece. Frayed thread is weak thread!

The MIYUKI® TILA™ Beads can be sharp. Always pull your thread straight out of the hole. Do not drag along the edge of the hole.

String on a stop bead.

String on 3 TILA™ beads. Position so that all the holes are aligned.

Pass back into the aligned hole in the 1st TILA™ bead.

Pass through TILA™ beads 2 & 3.

Pass through the other hole in TILA™ bead #3. Your thread will be exposed along this edge.

Pass through the same hole in TILA™ beads 2 & 1 and then back into TILA™ bead #3.

Pull snug to form a tight triangle.

Turn your work so that a flat side of the triangle is facing you. In this case it will be bead #3.

Pick up 2 more TILA™ beads, 4 & 5. Pass through the same hole in bead #3, and then back through bead 4 again.

Pass through the other hole in TILA™ bead 4.

Pass back through the adjoining hole in beads 3 & 5.

Pull snug so that this triangle sits firmly next to the original triangle.

You should be exiting out of bead 5.

Add beads 6 & 7 in the same manner as above.

You should be exiting out of bead 7.

Add beads 8 & 9.

Remember to always pull each section snug.

You should be exiting out of bead 9.

Add beads 10 & 11.

You should be exiting out of bead 11.

Add bead 12 by passing into bead 1, then bead 11 and back into bead 12.

You've created 1 wheel!

Add another wheel to this one.

You should be exiting out of bead 12.

Add beads 13 & 14.

Continue adding beads until you have two wheels sitting one on top of the other.

This example shows two wheels joined only by 1 triangle edge as shown in pink.

This example shows the wheels joined by sharing spokes.

The join is highlighted in pink.

Keep joining wheels following the pattern below. Or make up your own pattern!


Adding the SWAROVSKI ELEMENT Margaritas

Start with a new working piece of thread for security and strength.

Position your thread so that it is exiting out of the bottom hole coming from the center of one of your wheels.

String on 1 size 11° seed bead, 1 SWAROVSKI ELEMENT 6mm Margarita, 1 size 15° seed bead. Pass back through a bottom hole in a TILA™ bead opposite of the one you exited.

The SWAROVSKI ELEMENT Margarita should sit firmly down in the center of your TILA™ bead wheel.

Add a SWAROVSKI ELEMENT Margarita to each wheel.

Weave your thread through the beadwork, tie off and snip close to the work.

Finishing Tips:

I finished my necklace with ribbon that I ran through one of the spokes and ended with ribbon ends attached to a clasp.
You could also:
Add chain
Make a beadwoven strap with a matching color of seed beads.
Make a strung necklace to attach to the wheels.
Continue making wheels joined by a single common TILA bead all the way around.
The possiblities are unlimited! Have fun!
And please feel free to share your TILA Wheel creation! We'd love to see it!

Click here for a printable PDF version of this tutorial.

This tutorial, all images and text are Copyright ©, 2011 Beki Haley
Please be respectful and link to this page if you'd like to share.

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