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Square Stitch Classroom

Square Stitch

Click for larger printable pattern

Completed View
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Supply List:
Size 11 Japanese seed beads in:
#11-F401 Black Matte
#11-F134 Trans. Dk. Topaz Matte
#11-137 Trans. Lt. Orange
#11-138 Trans. Orange
#11-5 Silverlined Brown
#11-457 Bronze
#11-514 Ceylon Yellow
#11-282 C/L Beige AB
#11-430C Op. Sioux Blue Lustre (just need 4 beads)
Assorted Matching beads for the strap
4 Crimp Beads
Size B Nymo thread in Tan
Size 12 English Beading Needles
Beeswax or Thread Heaven

Flat Square Stitch Instructions:
Condition a comfortable length of bead thread (I like working with no more than 2 yards).
Thread your needle and attach a "stopper bead".
Step 1: String on your first row of beads.
Step 2: Pick up 1 bead and pass your needle thru the last bead in your first row, and back thru the bead you just strung on. See Diagram.

Continue adding 1 bead at a time until you have completed row 2. At the end of this row, pass your needle back thru row 1 and row 2. This will strengthen your work and help gather the beads together eliminating any gaps. You will do this at the end of each row. See Diagram.

Before you increase, complete the initial row. This includes passing your needle thru it to strengthen. Now add on the number of beads you are increasing by. And repeat step 2.
See diagram

To decrease you simple come out of a bead on your existing row where the decrease will begin and proceed with step 2. Remember to reinforce by passing back thru the previous row and the row you just completed. See Diagram

Butterfly Instructions:
I prefer to decrease rather than increase while doing square stitch. For this reason I have marked on the pattern a good place to start.
To make the butterfly, just follow the pattern in square stitch. When you have completed the pattern it is time to attach your strap.
Cut off approx. 1 1/2 feet of SoftFlex(tm). String on 1 crimp bead and 10 black seed beads.
A good balancing point to attach the strap is under the 2 bronze beads on the second row at the top of the wing.
String your wire thru that point and string on 10 black seed beads.
Now string back thru your crimp bead and smash it shut.
Now begin stringing your assort beads to make up one side of your necklace.
At the end, string on 1 crimp bead, your clasp, and back thru the crimp bead again.
Smash it shut and feed the end of your wire into a few of the beads. (this keeps that pesky end from poking you in the back of the neck.)
Repeat for the other side and you are done!

Congratulations! It looks beautiful on you.

Copyright Beki Haley 1998, All Rights Reserved

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