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Peyote Channel Bracelet Tutoral
Peyote Channel Bracelet Tutorial

Peyote Channel Bracelet Tutorial

Supplies to make as the image shows above. But there are endless color combos!

1 - T11-F015 ~ Silverlined Olivine Matte

2 - T11-258C ~ Transparent Margarita AB

3 - T11-457G ~ Golden Bronze

4 - FP4-091 ~ Lt. Topaz Goldlustre

6mm Magnetic Clasp

Size 12 Beading Needles

One-G Beading Thread

Project notes:

This bracelet is made from a wide strip of Flat Even Count Peyote. When you add the Firepolish to connect each edge of the bracelet together, the Peyote curves forming a channel. Sometimes the Peyote will pucker here and there, but when the bracelet is on your wrist the puckers are not noticeable.

Try to keep your tension as uniform as possible, this will help cut down on some of the puckering as well.

1 package of each bead is more than enough to complete the bracelet. For an 8" bracelet I used 31 Firepolish.

The graphics show the beads spaced out for clarity. Your beads should sit right next to each other.

You will need to end and begin new thread more than once. Just weave your thread in a figure 8 motion several times, allowing it to cross over itself within the beads. Snip close to the work.
Begin a new thread in the same manner making sure you are exiting the beadwork where you left off.

Thread your needle with a comfortable working length of thread. I use two wingspans.
String a stop bead onto the end of your thread leaving an 8" tail to weave off later.
String on an even number of bead 1, your main color of seedbead, to fit around your wrist with approximately a 3/4 inch gap for the clasp.

Make sure you have an even number of beads, not counting your stop bead.
Begin the Even Count Flat Peyote strip by picking up one bead 1, skipping over the last bead your thread is coming out of and passing through the next bead over.
Pull snugly so the beads sit close together.

Pick up one bead 1, skip over the next bead and pass though the following bead.

Continue adding one bead at a time until you reach the end. Your thread should be coming out of the first bead you strung on next to your tail thread. Tie your working thread and your tail thread together with two knots.

DO NOT cut off your tail thread. If it is bothersome to you, weave it into the beadwork now creating several figure 8's to secure it. I use this tail thread as a tension anchor and wrap it around a few of my fingers to help hold the beadwork in place while I work.

You will now switch directions and Peyote along the strip with bead 1. Be very careful that your strip of beadwork does not twist around. If it appears the beads are not sitting nicely in place, chances are you have a twist. Remove single beads back to where it doesn't look right and try again! =o)

Peyote is counted on the diagonal to properly determine the rows. However, you can also count a single vertical row of 4 of the main color, then a row of 5, then a row of 4 and so on.

Add nine rows of your main color, bead 1. Then add a single row of bead 2. The 2 rows of bead 3. Work your thread through the beadwork to the other side and add a single row of bead 2 and then 2 rows of bead 3. Weave off your thread.

With a new working piece of thread, add the clasp, with your thread exiting out of a bead 2 at the end of the strip, pick up four bead 3's, the clasp, and four more bead 3's. Pass back through the bead 2 on the other side of this end. The red thread path shows how to make a U-turn inside the beads.
Pass back through all of these beads several times to secure.

Repeat at the other end of the strip passing through the other loop in the clasp.

Weave off your thread.

With a new working piece of thread you will add the Firepolish embellishments.
Position your thread so that it is exiting out of the 1st bead 3 at one end of the Peyote strip that is sticking up.
Pick up one bead 1, one Firepolish and one bead 1. Pass through the bead 3 on the other side of the strip. Pull to buckle the Peyote strip creating the channel.

Pass back through all of the embellishment beads again. Then pass through the next four bead 3's to position yourself to add the next set of embellishment beads. Remember to pull snug to form the channel.

Continue adding the embellishment beads on every other up bead along the edge.

Tie off your working thread and any other loose threads you may have. Snip the tail ends close to the beadwork.

Wear your new bracelet proudly! You did a fantastic job!

We'd love to see the color combinations you come up with! Drop us an email!

This tutorial, all images and text are Copyright 2010 Beki Haley
Please be respectful and link to this page if you'd like to share.

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